New Career Opportunities for People Who Are Blind

Phoenix, Ariz.- Arizona Industries for the Blind (AIB) is pleased to announce a new partnership with Beyond Clothing that will create new career opportunities for Arizonians who are blind or visually impaired.  Click to read the full Media Release.

Media Release – U.S. House of Representative Greg Stanton Toured AIB

Phoenix, Ariz.– House of Representatives Greg Stanton, D-9) toured the Arizona Industries for the Blind (AIB Distribution Center in Phoenix, AZ., and heard personal stories from AIB employees who are blind achieving their version of the American Dream on Wednesday August 17, 2022. As an AbilityOne Champion Congressman Stanton demonstrates support for the AbilityOne Program … Read more

Spotlight On Kelly Dyes

“I couldn’t believe that an organization such as AIB existed.  My struggle to find gainful employment was finally over,” said Kelly Dyes.  A native of Arizona, Kelly joined Arizona Industries for the Blind in 2020 as a Material Handler within the Distribution Services Unit  (DSU).   Most recently, Kelly successfully competed for and was promoted to … Read more

Spotlight on Norma Rice, “Life Doesn’t Stop, You Have to be Creative and Still Enjoy Achieving Your Dreams”

Norma Rice joined the Base Supply Center (BSC) team in July 2021 as a Customer Service Specialist at Davis Monthan AFB. On a daily basis, Norma is responsible for performing inventory cycle counts, stocking shelves, engaging with customers, and assisting the Airmen at the register. With more than thirty (30) years in the retail industry, … Read more

President/CEO Chris LaFollette Will Be the Special Guest on the Changing the Perception of Blindness: One Conversation at a Time Podcast

Arizona Industries for the Blind President/CEO Chris LaFollette will be the special guest on the Changing the Perception of Blindness: One Conversation at a Time podcast on Friday, February 18, 2022.  Chris and host David Steinmetz will  discuss the benefits to the community and industry by employing people who are blind.  Listen LIVE at 1:00 … Read more

Changing the Perception of Blindness: One Conversation at a Time by David Steinmetz

“Our perception of the world around us not only comes from our senses, but is also influenced by our expectations. These expectations or “prior beliefs,” are generally derived from family values, cultural norms and our past experiences.”,276795