Our Process

A pictoral representation of the Digital Data Scan Processing from Discovery through Document Delivery or Shredding.

Discovery — Proof of Concept

A detailed assessment of document storage and retrieval requirements is performed for every project. This includes an analysis of the best methodology for “indexing” documents, through an automated or manual procedure, to assure quick and secure access to information. A sample of documents may be converted to electronic format to demonstrate electronic retrieval capabilities and the quality of work that will be provided.

Scope of Work

A detailed scope of work outlining every aspect of the conversion process, including deliverable dates, will be reviewed and accepted by the customer prior to the start-up of the project. This helps ensure a successful project and a satisfied customer.

Secure Document Transportation

Documents will be inventoried, picked up, and transported to our secure local facility for processing.

Records Management

Documents are re-inventoried and bar-coded by a records management professional upon delivery at our facility. Our advanced inventory system allows us to track boxes of documents from start to finish, making it easy to locate a document if it is needed by the customer during the document imaging process.

Document Preparation

Documents of various sizes (up to 54 inches in width) will be thoroughly prepared for scanning — all staples, binders, and fasteners removed, corners smoothed, and torn pages are repaired to ensure quality images.


State-of-the-art scanners scan the documents, converting every page and graphic into digital images. Scanning resolution can be set between 100 and 600 dots per inch in black & white, grayscale, or color. As stated above, documents up to 54 inches in width can be scanned.

Image Enhancement

Our software will electronically enhance the digital images often making them even better than the originals. Documents will be de-speckled and de-skewed for better image quality while maintaining the integrity of the original document.

Indexing/Data Entry

Document retrieval requirements will be met with thorough intelligent indexing of documents to ensure accurate and easy retrieval. This process assigns one or more keywords such as Case Number, Customer Name, Invoice Number, etc. to each document. Indexing information can be manually entered, automatically captured via barcodes or zonal OCR, or imported from a customer-supplied database.

Quality Control/Assurance

Images are electronically and physically verified through each step of the document conversion process to ensure that images are accurately captured and indexed according to individual customer requirements. Each scanned image can be checked for accuracy and readability and then adjusted or rescanned as necessary to assure customer satisfaction.

Output/Data Retrieval/Access

Electronic images can be produced in a variety of formats including PDF, TIFF or JPG. Indexing information attached to each electronic document is available in multiple formats for importing to existing document management systems. The electronic documents can be provided to the customer via electronic secure file transfer (SFTP), CDs, DVDs, or tapes. As an option, all documents can be OCR’d (Optical Character Recognition) so that printed text can be searched within the documents.

Archival Data Storage and Short-Term Document Storage

Long-term, electronic, archival data storage is available through Digitech’s ImageSilo™ for web-based document access and disaster recovery. Short-term physical storage of documents is available during the customer acceptance period. For State of Arizona customers, AIB will coordinate with the Arizona State Library Archives and Public Records for scanning authorization and document retention schedules.


Arizona Industries for the Blind is committed to providing secure, confidential electronic document conversion, while maintaining the document integrity/authenticity throughout the conversion process. All electronic data is stored on a secure network location. Since AIB is a part of the State of Arizona, we adhere to all of the state’s system security requirements (employee access, software, hardware, server, and storage.) Document security procedures are available upon request, as is a tour of our imaging facility.

Confidential Document Destruction

Once documents are in a secure and searchable electronic format, document destruction services will be offered and coordinated through an outside vendor. All documents are destroyed according to government specifications. The customer can receive a certification that all documents are destroyed.